Air Wick V.I.Poo Toilet Deodorizer


Ever get embarrassed when your out in public and have to do your 2’s? Well I used to be before i stumbled o this amazing product by Air Wick. Coming in 5 different scents V.I.Poo comes ready to save the day no matter where you are. At school, work, public restroom, event etc. No one wants to do the doo at a time like that but now you can without anyone ever suspecting. Perfect for any clutch or small handbag looks like a perfume bottle or hair spray.
Specks on the Product
  • PROACTIVE ODOR PROTECTION: Pre-poo toilet spray traps odors before they escape
  • KEEP NASTY SMELLS IN YOUR BOWL: Creates a layer that traps odors under the surface
  • CONTAINS ESSENTIAL OILS: releasing a fresh fragrance — leaving the bathroom smelling great
  • LASTS AND LASTS: Up to 300 sprays for 100 uses per bottle
  • PERFECT FOR ON-THE-GO: Small, convenient, non-aerosol spray bottle is easily portable

Here is a link to purchase V.I.Poo, during purchase you will be offered a $2.00 coupon bringing the price to only $6.52; cheapest price for a large for its ‘product line’ but very compact sleek bottle. I use “lavender superstar” you’ll thank me later.

Thanks for reading!



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